High tea at Bombay Brasserie! 

Chai.. tsai.. Chaya.. tee.. Cha..teh.. teha.. Chav.. TEA. India runs on chai and bombay brasserie adds a little class to it be introducing HIGH CHAI!! 

Chandi Chowk chai, charminar chai, kadak cutting chai, Chai sherbet, Bombay monsoon chai, masala chai, chilli romance and a lot more to choose from. It’s a tea Haven!! 

Also served are a number of short eats that area simply brilliant!! I’ll let the pictures so the talking.

Aam paapad paneer & Gun powder potato
Chicken wings, Paneer lifafa paratha, kheema mughalai paratha

Plating deserved a special mention! It’s simple with a hint of quirk!! 

Bombaiya Vada pav & mirchi bhajji

My personal favorites: Calcutta club fish fry, chai sherbet, kheema Mughlai paratha, gun powder potatoes, Irani kheema pav and the chicken wings 🖤

Calcutta club fish fry

Taking off from work early/meeting friends and sipping tea in the middle of the day in a picturesque setting, that oughta make your day!  
Available between 4pm and 7pm. It’s a must try!! Tell me one reason it ain’t? 
Happy hogging




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