10 Things to Know/Do Before Getting Tattoo.

10 Things You must know/do when getting a tattoo !

  •  Start small.
  • Design, size & placement – Be clear on the design and know exactly what you want and choose very wisely.
  •  Research the artist. Know the artist, look them up on line. Check their work before exposing your skin to them.
  • It’s Not As Painful As It Looks but don’t push it. Know your pain tolerance, If you’re very sensitive, avoid choosing ribs, backs of knees, elbows, or groin areas for your first tattoo.
  • Healing A Tattoo Hurts More Than Getting Tattooed. Always always, always follow the post-tattoo care to the T. Your tattoo artist will likely tell you how to move forward caring for your healing tattoo,  it’s important to provide daily care to your healing skin.
  • Small Tattoos Are Surprisingly Quick.
  • Do not go for cheap tattoo. Invest in them, after all they are going to stick around as long as you exist.
  • The R word : Retouch! As you age, your body changes. Your tattoo will change as well. You might have to go for touch ups. Keep in mind that you have to think about it.
  •  Take a friend along.Having someone to talk to, and someone you trust to walk you through the process as it’s happening will work wonders. It’s especially helpful to have a friend if you’re getting a tattoo done on an area you can’t see, so they can keep you informed on the progress!
  • They are addictive!! So always take a breather between getting inked! I love my ink, and I’m have been forcing myself to wait a while before I get another one done. But now after 5 years, I feel it’s time I give in and get my next one.. 

Most importantly​!! Be prepared to face these questions that will be thrown at you at least twice in a week: Can I touch it? Is that real? What does it mean? Does it hurt? Wanna see mine? So you are like a tough Chick or something? 

Fifty years ago, tattoos were the watermark of rebels and social outcasts—bikers, sailors, carnival freaks. But today, your average school girl probably has a unicorn on her ankle or a butterfly fluttering above her butt. Tattoos have been a part of the human experience since the Stone Age and were present in nearly every culture across the globe, from the ancient Greeks and Romans to Africans, Native Americans, and Polynesians. So it ain’t anything new, it’s as old as time and beautiful!!

About my tattoo:

Clicked by : Anita Kamaraj

I wanted my first tattoo to be something simple, yet meaningful to me.  I also wanted it placed on a part of my body I could hide or reveal as I saw fit.  Therefore, I had mine placed a lil under my left collarbone. I’m a people’s person.. when I love people I love them deep so the best thing to me was to get initials of all the (most of the people) I love in one tattoo.  

So my tattoo is made of alphabets and a lil red heart. My tattoo went on to become the logo of my brand and I use the same design to watermark what’s mine. The first thing that got watermarked, my fiance! *Wink*

It’s your tattoo. Own up to it, commit to it and remember if it’s right for you, it’s right.

Got inked? Got a story? Do you have anything you consider before you get a tattoo?

Share it with me in the comment below!


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  1. Pradeep r chinna says:

    Good one . Amazed 😎


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