10 reasons why you MUST watch Vikram Vedha.

I’m gonna cut the chase and go straight to the reasons:

1. Vijay sethupati. Vijay sethupati. Vijay sethupati and his flawless performance. Madhavan is charming as hell and kills us with his delicious smile but Sethupati takes the crown. He owns the screen with his mere presence. He is vera level.

2.The sizzling chemistry between Madhavan and Sethupati. They got our hearts racing every time they were on screen together, leaving us confused who to cheer for.

3. Tasakku tasakku had no item girl. Period. The guys along with chetta rocked the song by themselves and had us grooving in our seats.

4. The women in the movie ain’t your regular one who kill self in self pity. They are strong and unapologetic, When slapped, Chandra slaps back Puli and when Vikram asks Priya(his wife) to leave the case,  she asks Vikram to leave the case. 

5. The karrupu vellai song, it’s addictive. Beautifully shot, the song owns the movie and stays with you days after you walk out of the theater.

6. The beautifully crafted (almost flawless) story telling. The amazing cinematography. 

7. The movie is not anti hero but it’s anti stigma, which gives it the cult status. 

8. The light hint of sethupati’s character being gay, who not only openly admires and compliments Madhavan’s smile twice in the movie but also admits to having no feeling for woman *swoons

9. The movie got us drooling for some Nalli Kari😍.. 

10. Tananananananana NA 
Tananananananana Na …

The movie has a cop, a gangster, a heroine​,gang war, brother sentiments, friend sentiment and the whole fight between right and wrong.. But what’s right and what’s wrong and who decides it?? This is not your regular movie defined by norms.. the movie is as “hathke” as it can be.. 

Watch the movie for the listed reason, watch it for the song, watch it for the story, watch it for Sethupati.. watch it, as tamizh Cinema doesn’t produce such awesome movie every Friday!! 


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