Pankaj Udhas : Live in Chennai!!

​There is nothing like experiencing truly beautiful music played live.

While growing up, I was blessed with parents who were as diverse as the four directions(two sets of them, I was adopted within family). While my pa loved listening to Pink Floyd, Queen and John Lennon, my dad loved Ghazals and Sufi music. My mom would play Mohammed Rafi & Mukesh‘s classics and my ammi, illayraja‘s best!! No I can’t count my blessings.

Pankaj Udhas was a part of most of the drives and even before I know the meaning of maikada and ishq and mushq, I could sing all his songs by heart.

Last week I was invited to a live concert by pankaj udhas and it was dream come true. It was held at Forum Vijaya Mall, vadapalani. I was Uber thrilled, it was a dream come true.

They played most of his hit numbers, right from the lovely niklo na benaqaab, Ek taraf uaka Ghar, chandi jaisa rang hai Tera, thodi thodi piya karo, ghongroo tooth gaye, aur aahista kijiye baatein.. He mesmerized the crowd with his voice, the music and the whole deal. Truly a power packed performance by pankaj udhas and his team. 

He also played the ever green, chitti aayi hai along with hit movie numbers like na kajre ki dhar, jeeye to jeeye kaise and a few more.

I loved every thing that was played, loved every minute I was there. The beauty that live music can create in the air, with goosebumps present and pulsating sound surrounding you, can’t be put in words  Live music is something no one should disregard or refuse to experience, as it one of the most fullfilling and true art experiences. 


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