Poke it bright and right, just above my heart!!

I’m no fashionista! I suck at posing. I love my tee shirts and simple cotton dresses and I know how to rock them.. my saviors — my pins! My lovely lovely pins!!

“Accessories are the exclamation point of an outfit” tweeted Micheal Kors. And I totally agree with him!! Accessories are the icing on top of the outfit cake!! And my pins are the Cherries on top!!

My obsession with pins started about a year back and boy, are they addictive!! I get pins made with ceramic, satin, lace, plastic and metal. I have a few of those in silver too. (Yes I’m fancy that way ğŸ˜Ž). But why? Here’s why.. It pops up my outfit of the day.. it adds a lot quirk and funk to my simple outfit and they are eye grabbing and awesome conversation starters! Accessories make everything better!! 

And i get mine done specially, you can say they are custom made, the ceramic ones by a local lady(no I’m not giving you the contact) and the plastic one by these two awesome guys from something different. The lace ones are from local stores and a few are from quirk box.

Priced between 100-300, they are the perfect everyday accessory!! Want to buy some? Mail me.. sammienatorr@gmail.com


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