Hair care at Advance hair studio.

Invest in your hair, it is the crown you never take off!!

Hair loss! Two words. A nightmare that’s actually coming true. Lately everyone I met complained about hair fall, my own hair was falling like crazy and I wanted a solution. I changed shampoos and conditioners and oils and tried a number of remedies and what not but Alas.. 
On my dermatologist’s suggestion I booked an appointment for consultation at advance hair studio. I got in on a Friday noon for Advance hair check.

The place is done up beautifully and is very comfortable. I was whisked in immediately and after a very refreshing hair spa and styling, I met the consultant. I was informed about the treatments and products that would help my hair loss. 
They offer services like-  Strand by strand the ultimate – a surgical procedure, Strand by strand cosmetic, Grip strip technology, Flash points (Hair extensions.)in addiction to the consultation! They believe in Restore and retain. And boy, did that word pop out a lot during my visit there. 

About AHS:  In the 40 years of their existence, close to 1 million people around the world have benefited from the advice and most advanced procedures of Advanced Hair Studio. With over 300 studios spread across the globe, they are endorsed by legends like Gautam Gambhir, Sourav Ganguly, Graham Gooch, Austin Healey, Shane Warne, Martin Crowe and Greg Matthews.. They opened a studio in Chennai in 2012 and have taken care many of our own stars too. The products used are of the Carl Howell range.

I picked up a bottle of the Carl Howell gel spray. It’s a styling hairspray with advanced revitalsing complex. It acts as sunscreen and protects hair from UV rays and also acts as moisturing properties for healthy hair. It’s is plain awesome!! Perfect for wet look, scruffed look and a lot more..

Hair loss, it’s a reality, go for a quick check before it’s too late. Retain – that’s the key word. Retain the treasure. I definitely am going to. 


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