Get stuffed at The Right Place, The Residency.

Parantha. Paratha. Parauntha, Parota, barotta. No matter how you say it, paranthas have been an Indian breakfast staple since like, forever. They’re called Palata in Burma and farata in the Maldives. But all of us can proudly puff out our chests and say that paranthas actually originated from the Indian Subcontinent. They have conquered our hearts, taste buds & lunch boxes. They are the cheat codes our mums used to make us eat all the veggies we wouldn’t have any other way. Be it with butter, curd, pickle or plain, paranthas are just awesome.

There definitely is nothing like a freshly made paratha from the tawa straight onto your plate with a knob of butter!

The Right place at The Residency recently added a delicious new paratha menu! The menu consists of 15 different kinds of paratha. Right from your aloo paratha to gobi paratha to my personal favorite ceylone Parota everything is in the menu.

My pick: Aloo paratha, pyaz mutter paratha and the oh so delicious Ceylon Parota. The parathas were cooked to perfection and stuffed to the right amount along with butter and pickle, they were irresistibly delicious. Served along with tall chilled glass of mango lassi, the meal was perfect! For dessert we were served piping hot Tirunelveli Halwa. *Bliss* 

Ceylone Parota is made with kheema stuffed inside the paratha and topped with eggs! Yum!! 

A meal for two can come up to 400+. If you love paratha, don’t miss this one. Know any place that serves good ceylon parotta? Lemme know my taste buds are always ready to explore! 

Happy Hogging!!


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