Something New in Five Senses, Westin! 

Five senses has a droolicious, uber fresh, brand new menu.. We were already in love with the awesome menu at 5 senses now it’s even better and bigger and wow! 

The vibes: Very calming, soothing, perfect if you are looking to take a loved one or the family for a quite dinner. Done up in subtle tones of brown and beige with a hint of red, the place works Elegance. The pillar housing hundreds of mini golden Buddhas, the bird cages, the Japanese or Chinese(I don’t know which one)writing on wall, the lovely wooden mesh, the soft tinted mirrors on the wall, all come together to paint a lovely picture. The table is set brilliantly complete with tiny tea cup, chopsticks, et.. The place is classy yet very comforting and oh so soothing. The plating and presentation deserves a special mention.

Chef Rawat who had curated the new menu spoke about capturing the essence of the Sinchuan province with dishes that brought out flavours of the region. The menu was chosen by the Chef and Thank God for that, we just had to do the best part, which was tasting and boy, was it awesome!

What we(2 of us) tried and loved, a brief, We were served a unique mocktails made with kiwi, it was a utterly delicious treat, served beautifully​ complete with flower et al..

Lemon Coriander Soup

Lemon Coriander Soup – Ingredients​ rich in Vitamin C, this was perfectly healthy start to the lovely meal.Crisp mustard fish: Fried to perfection, coated in grounded mustard, this one was finger licking good! Saliva chicken- Unique name and brilliant dish. It is to be tasted to be believed. Plain yum. 

Crispy Mustard Fish
Saliva Chicken

We also got to try Hot garlic eggplant, Double cooked braised lamb, Crispy Quail, Asparagus, shiitake, water Chestnut, roasted cashew and rice paper cup.Sticky rice in lotus leaves, Pan fried braised noodles. 

Double Braised Lamb
Spicy Eggplant
Crispy Quail

The eggplant was spicy at it’s best. The lamb and quail were equally brilliant. 

Asparagus, shiitake, water Chestnut, roasted cashew and rice paper cup

The Asparagus, shiitake, water Chestnut, roasted cashew served on a crispy rice paper cup, though subtle in taste was plain wow. The noodles and rice went really well flavoursome and cooked to perfection.

Sticky rice in lotus leaves

For dessert we tried Kaffir lime scented chocolate log. Chocolate mousse was rich, dark and  very light. Served along with chocolate sauce, it was really good. 

Chocolate Job

My pick of the meal : saliva chicken, Crispy Quail, chocolate log.
The new menu is now available in Westin. A meal for two can come up to 1200+ which is very reasonable given the whole experience. 

Happy hogging!!


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