Me, my books and I

You know it’s true love, when you bury your nose deep and take in the beautiful aroma emerging from the book, right in front of all those strangers in the book shop. That’s a whole diff level of getting high and boy, what a high! 

I had reading difficulty till the age of 8, I could read  n write the words that we were taught by repeating like a tape recorder at school but other wise I couldn’t spell a new word. 

At the age of 9 I had a Epiphany (you may call it that for now) and I forced my mom to walk me to the book shop at hotel Trident. We used to live on the GST road and that was the only book shop in that vicinity those days. 

My puzzled mum let me pick up a few books in addition to lusty tinkle digest. And my life was never the same..

The more I read, the more I got addicted to books. Collecting books was another addition. I read everything and anything that came my way. I collected books. Now I’m a proud owner of  2900+ books of mixed genre, 1200+ comics (some are rare and in mint condition), 12 diaries/journals 1997-2009( I use to jot down every little detail about my life on it, which now brings my great joy every time I read it, yes I was always self obsessed that way)..

My collection includes fictional, non fictional, historical fiction, fantasy, thriller, romance and literature.. A few books changed the way i look at life, if you love to read and are looking for something new to read, you are in the right place.. 

Reading is my escape to a better world, Come escape with me..


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