Weekend brunch : The Melting Pot: Market Cafe, Intercontinental, Chennai

Brunch is one of my favorite things in this life. Scratch that, it’s a necessity. To me, it’s right up there with air, water, and shelter. Okay, kidding. But seriously, any brunch lovers in the building?! If you’re a brunch lover like me, then you can probably second the fact that there’s not much better than a delicious meal with someone or people you love to either get the weekend kicked off or to wind down your weekend.

If you’re located in Chennai(or even if you aren’t), the brunch at Intercontinental Chennai is one of those places that is completely worth the trip. I’d been trying to hit The Melting Pot: Market Cafe for months (yes, seriously), but for some reason or another it has never worked out. Finally when I was invited to a bloggers meet, organized by Passing Ports, I was thrilled!!

Located in Mahabalipuram, it’s just a beautiful one hour drive away from the city. 

The melting pot at ICC claims to be ECR’s most lavish brunch and this weekend I got a chance to put it to test and result: whoa! Boy, do they live up to their claim!

We (a bunch of foodies, celebrity home bakers, social media influencers, in short a fun gang) were warmly greeted in by Team Passing ports and the ICC crew. After a brief chat with chef Negi, we got a chance to awaken the bartenders in us.. 

Pc : passing port

A Diy mocktail contest ensued between three teams. An hour of chaotic fun gave birth to six unique and refreshing mocktails! 

Devilish love themed mocktails
The beach devil team (PC: passing ports)


The space is bright with glass windows and white,grey and beige shades dominates the interior with a hint of red. The entire vibe is laid back, “chill,” and I guess you could say a bit hipster.  As you walk in, you’ll immediately notice the attractive buffet spread, live counters and colorful dessert counters.

The Melting Pot : Market Cafe(TMP), has three live kitchens churning out the best in European, South Asian and Peninsular Indian cuisine. 

Freshly Baked Goodness

Lavish, elaborate and colorful- these words would perfectly describe the spread. There’s table seating and a few outdoor tables but given the Chennai climate, outdoor was less occpied. You can also stand at the live counter and watch the employees shuck oysters, grill your kebabs and whip up amazing dishes as you sip drinks and eat your way to bliss.

The Pacific counter, sea food counter and dessert counter impressed me the most. My pick : the tawa fry fish, the grilled turkey, the prawns, the egg noodles cooked in Singaporean style, the vegetable biryani ( strange but true, it was delectable), and the whole damn dessert counters. Just plain heavenly.

Asian counter
Dessert counters

The word fresh doesn’t even do  justice. That’s one of the reasons that I loved ordering seafood from the live counter. Having lived in Chennai for over a decade has made me a bit of a seafood snob (I cringe even writing this), as we’re used to having the freshest and best that’s available. Honestly, even some of the best seafood restaurants in Chennai don’t compare to just how much fresher and better the seafood is over here. The prawns were the best I’ve ever had in my life.



100% yes. Their amazing attention to detail and flavors without trying too hard, is why it ranks high on my list of favorite restaurants. No trying to reinvent the wheel here. Just straight up fresh, local ingredients, an amazing attention to detail, a wonderful knowledge of food and flavor pairings; zero pretentiousness. 

A meal for two can come up to 2000+ tax. The brunch is priced at 1999+, totally worth every single rupee. 

What you waiting for? Drive there now!

The fun gang! (PC: Passing ports)

Happy Hogging!!

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