​Good old classics at ID..

I remember the taste of the mango murabba that Gramma used to make, though it’s been 2 decades since I last tasted it.. that’s how taste and memories are linked together. One whiff of murabba and I’m mentally teleported​ to gramma’s kitchen..

ID in collaboration with Rakesh Raghunathan of Puliyogare Travels brings forth a very special food festival to showcase some of the traditional dishes lost in time. What was tried and loved, a brief,

Pudina Rasam: A thin South Indian soup, traditionally prepared using tamarind juice as a base, along tomato, chili, pepper, cumin and lentils. Tangy and lip smackingly delicious.

Nilakadalai Kalavai
: Peanuts, mango, capsicum and cucumber tossed together to create this fresh n delish salad. *Yum*

Kathirikai Thogayal (Spicy Brinjal Chutney): Brinjal is the main ingredient and spices like peppercorns , dry red chilli and toasted dals are added to bring out the authentic flavours of Tamil Nadu. It was made to perfection and went really well with the idly & oothapam.
Kanchipuram Idly : It ain’t the idly you n I know. I would have ignored this one if not for the host who insisted I try this. Idly with a twist. A classic from Varadhraja Perumal Temple in Kachipuram, this is made using rice, black urad dal, crushed black pepper and steamed in Mandhaarai leaves.

Vendaya Oothapam
: Fenugreek flavoured oothappam served hot from the tava. Soft and flavoursome – perfection!!

Vangi Bath
: Rice cooked with eggplants, dry coconut, cloves and pepper, a specialty from Karnataka. Perfectly spiced and cooked to perfection. This was my personal favorite.

Kadamba Sadam: Rice, dal, vegetables, lentils and fried dal dumplings cooked with spices, this one is very similar to sambar sadam. Simple and soothing.
Now comes the best part- Desserts!!

: Roasted semolina slow cooked in milk along with saffron, nutmeg and cardamon. Rich in flavours and oh so delicious. My personal favorite.

Hayagreeva Maadi
: The rich taste of jaggery and dal burst in my mouth taking me back in time. I remember this one, I remember sneaking into my gramma’s kitchen to steal a bite of this luscious beauty. On point and plain awesome.

Righty titled “taste of tradition“, this food festival is not to be missed.. A chance to experience the flavors of the glorious past. Starting from 8th of June, 2017, only at ID.

Happy hogging!!

For collaboration and invites, Kindly reach out to me : ping@sammienatorr.com.

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