Miner Diner – Sheer Gold!

Miner diner, that’s a unique name for a restaurant, the concept is equally unique. The whole restaurant is build around the theme of miners.

Located in Anderson road, nungambakkam, Miner Diner is on the same road as Asan memorial school and very easy to spot.

Done up in rustic tones of Brick red, browns and greys, the place looks fabulous. Unfinished brick walls, chandelier made with old lanterns, the gunny bag for ceiling, the blueprint on the wall, the yellow helmets, shovel, all adds to the mining theme. They also have a cute Lil smoking room complete with dynamites, so cute.
Coming to the menu, it has a lil bit of everything, from Hot Brews to Smoothies, Milkshakes, Sandwiches, Salads, Savoury Waffles, Waffle Sliders, Waffle PIZZA & Dessert Waffles.. The food needs no descriptions so I’m gonna keep it short with a whole lot of pictures.. What we tried and loved, watch and drool :

Drinks: Lychee and Peaches Smoothie, Berry and Cookies Shake, Kit Kat Shake, Chocolate Shake, Nutella Shake and hot chocolate. The drinks were all freshly made and plain yum. Chocolate shake and Berry one were my personal favorites.

Hot Chocolate

Salad: Normally I turn the other way when salad reaches the table but that’s not so at miner diner. The salads, at their crunchy best, are to die for. *Crunch* we tried the Green Garden, sausage & hard boiled egg salad and the cobb salad. Roasted chicken, turkey, tomatoes, avocado covered in Apple vinaigrette, now who can resist that!! Cobb salad was my pick of the three!

Starters: We tried the Burnt Garlic Beef and wrapped chicken sausage. The sausage was yum. The garlic beef was brilliant. Too good for words. 

Wrapped Chicken Sausages

Toasts: Your regular toasts with unique toppings. We tried the Tomato Coulis and Pepperoni (chicken)Toast. Delicious.

Pepperoni Toast

Sandwiches: one bite into these and you can go into Ross’s mode of “my sandwich”!! Beautifully layered, on point. Plain delicious. We tried the  Pesto Cottage Cheese and Barbecue Smoked Chicken. Smoked chicken was my pick for oblivious reasons. 


Sliders: Tri-Bean Los Angeles Style, Miner Chicken Treat and Cow Boy. Your regular burgers with a twist, waffles replaces the buns to create these yummies..

Pizza: Pizza with waffle as the base. Nuff said!! Droolicious.. We tried Chili Con Carne, minced beef cooked to perfection with oodles of cheese, jalapeno and peppers. Heavenly.

Dessert: we tried the Double Chocolate Waffles and Belgian Berry Blast Waffles. Both were on point and plain scrumptious.

Have been to Miner Diner a bunch of times and I never wanted out disappointed. 

Go here for the pizzas, sliders, salads, drinks, heck go for everything!!

A meal for two can come up to 800+, totally worth every rupees.

Happy hogging!!

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