Habanero – A Mexican Treat.

Hola Mexican Food! Habanero has now reopened in Chennai and how!!

Habanero is a specialty restaurant that serves Mexican cuisine. Contrasting flavors and spices are combined to create a unique dining experience.

Located in RA Puram, it’s on the first floor of J’s 52 Hotel. The place hard to miss thank to the huge sign board and the corner position of the building.
The 50+ seater is complete with a mini bar counter. Done up in black with a touch of Orange, red and green, it’s simple yet vibrant.  

Tacos and Nachos are what comes to mind when we think of Mexican food but there is so much more to it. The important pillars of the cuisine are Corn, guacamole, tomatoes, Black beans and Chilly pepper. There are about 100 varieties of chillies, with heat levels ranging from mild to very hot, used in the cuisine. 
Habaneros menu features classic Mexican foods, Tex-Mex creations, and Texas-influenced American items, hearty vegetarian & non-vegetarian fare. We were in for a treat, read on..

For drinks, classic Margarita and Cosmopolitan. The drinks were made perfectly made and presented beautifully. The Margarita was on point!!


Quesadillas​: Soft shell tortilla filled to the brim with cheese & chicken and served with blackened Chipotle sauce. We also tried the veg version with fresh corn & black bean stuffing inside. The veg quesadilla won hands down.


Sesame Lime Shrimp Tostada: Salad made with fresh grilled shrimp, tomatoes, lettuce coated in sesame love sauce served on top of a crisp flat tortilla. Yum!!

Sesame Lime Shrimp Tostada

Grilled Chicken Chipotle Skewers: Chicken Cubes grilled to perfection over open flame, glazed with spicy sweet Chipotle Chile glaze and served along with mayo. Delicious. 

Grilled Chicken Chipotle Skewers

Breaded Chicken Tenders: Bread crumb coated Chicken strips deep fried to perfection and served with honey mustard dip! Bliss!

Breaded Chicken Tenders

Nachos: We were severed fresh guacamole, salsa, sour cream and black bean hummus. Black bean hummus was my personal favorite. Something very new and diff.

Nachos with black bean hummus

Macho Nachos: Corn chips layered with melted cheese, beans, tomatoes, sour cream, Olive, guacamole and jalapeno peppers.. *crunch*

Macho Nachos

For main course we decided to go with the sampler plate. It consists of a burrito bowl, taco (hard/soft shell), mini Chimichanga(deep fried burrito), a portion of Mexican rice, salsa and sauce. 

Beef Sampler

We tried the Veg, chicken and beef samplers. The Chimichanga and rice were my personal favorite. A sampler plate can easily by shared by two people.

Veg Sampler

Moving to my favorite part of the meal : DESSERT!!


Let me start with my favorite. Tres Leches Cake, a delicious butter cake served with three kinds of milk and topped with fruits. It was light and moist. Trust me .. you will want a second serving.

Tres Leches Cake

Snicker Chimichanga : Finally!! I have been craving for these since my return to the city from 2003. Snickers deep fried inside a Chimichanga wrapping. Gooey, delicious and plain awesome.

Snicker Chimichanga

Churros Con Chocolate: Deep fried pastry topped with cinnamon sugar and served with dark chocolate sauce. It was a tad too crispy for my taste. 

Churros Con Chocolate

The chocolate crumble: Rich, dense, and amazingly good. dense, and amazingly good.

Chocolate​ Crumble

A meal for two can come up to 1200+. Totally worth it.

The ingredients used were very fresh and the spices on point! Overall, a good and welcoming addition to the options present in the city.

Don’t miss this one!!

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