A signature meal at VB SIGNATURE by NVVB.

Hot plate of  butter masala dosa, podi idly, vada with varieties of chutney and piping hot sambar is enough to bring a full grown south Indian man to knees. South Indian cuisine is very distinguish,  VB SIGNATURE takes the cuisine to the next level.

VB is a known brand amongst all Chennaites. VB signature is a premium and contemporary extension of the brand.
Vb signature takes the distinctive South Indian cuisine to next level. Their menu is filled with an array of full-proof fusion delicacies that just can’t go wrong.

Over looking the busy streets of Nungambakkam main road,VB signature sits pretty right in the heart of the area. It’s hard not to miss the place.

Done up in earthy tones of red, brown and bronze, the place has a warm and welcoming appeal to it. The red brick walls, intricately designed brass mesh, the framed pop art on walls, aathangudi tiled flooring, the chic upholstery all blend together to give the place a industrial chic look. 

We (6 of us) were invited​ to check out the new additions in the new menu. What we tried and loved, a brief:

Bovonto black mojito & Oreo Cream shake

Drinks: We tried Bovonto Black Mojito, Curry Leaf Mojito, Oreo & Cream Shake, Thandai Shake and Salted Caramel & Almond Shake.. The drinks were all fresh, flavoursome and very refreshing. 

Thandai shake and Almond & salted caramel shake

My personal favorite were the Thandai and curry lead mojito. Just awesome.

Soups : We were served the Broccoli & Cheddar soup and the Sutta Makka Cholam (roasted corn) soup. I did not try broccoli soup, it’s broccoli, comeon!! The corn soup was rich in flavor and thick and very delicious. Topped with sweet corn kernels, it was very soothing and filling.

Sutta Makka Cholam Soup

Papad Platter : Aloo papad, Urad chilli & Garlic papad, Moongdal papad, Appalam, Kerala poppadum and Tandoori Roasted papad was served beautifully along with Tomato pickle mayo, tamarind sweet chilli chutney, mint chutney, salsa, Black pepper sauce. The papads were fresh and crispy and along with the lip smacking sauces they were quite the hit. My personal favorites were the Aloo papad and Kerala poppadum along with the tomato pickle mayo. *Crunch*

Papad Platter

Pesto bharwan Paneer Tikka: Paneer Tikka marinated in Malai and stuffed to the brim with homemade basil pesto. Hot from the tandoor, the rich taste of cashew, pesto and cream cheese hits you first followed by the fresh taste of paneer.

Pesto bharwan Paneer Tikka

Dragon Smoke Corn Puffs : Corn puff is frozen with Liquid Nitrogen. Causing you to smoke out like a dragon. Enough said. We had too much fun with these!! 

Sweet Potato Vada Pao: Panko crusted sweet potato vada flavored with jalapenos and cheese. Crispy vada stuffed between freshly baked buns and slathered with mint chutney and fried green chilli. Crispy heaven.

Sweet Potato Vada Pao

Hyderabadi Potato and Chestnut65: Potato and WaterChestnut batter fried in masala and tossed in yogurt and spicy sauce. A Indo Chinese version of the hyderabadi 65. Bliss.

Hyderabadi Potato and Chestnut 65

Idiyappam & Sodhi Khao Suey: Freshly steamed idiyappam (spring hoppers) served along with a traditional south Indian coconut milk based curry. It’s served in a Khao Suey style along with assorted toppings – roasted peanuts, schezwan sauce, fried curry leaves, lemon wedges, to name a few, to be added according to ones taste. I loved the combination of idiyappam with Sodhi topped with schezwan sauce and fried onions. So wholesome.

Idiyappam & Sodhi Khao Suey

Stuffed Ceylon Parotta: Available with four unique stuffings, we tried the one with double cheese margarita because double cheese!! Warm, gooey cheese stuffed to brim, this was too rich for my taste but we polished off the plate nonetheless.

Stuffed Ceylon Parotta

Chur chur paratha, Dal Makhani and Paneer Taka tak: Paneer was stir fried in spices with onions and capsicum. Dal Makhani cooked to perfection topped with oodles of butter and cream. Along with the flaky churchur paratha the Dal Makhani was plan scrumptious. The paneer was good but lacked the oomph.

Chur chur paratha, Dal Makhani and Paneer Taka tak


We were served Homemade Boost icecream, Oreo & peanut butter cheese cake and Chocolate Job 2.0. The ice cream was awesome. The cheese cake was too sweet for my taste. And the Chocolate Job 2.0 – Dark chocolate Marquise, salted caramel, crumble and oreo mud layered beautifully to create this marvelous​ creation. The taste was on point and the texture of the smooth Marquise along with crumble together were plain orgasmic. A treat for all your senses. Bliss.

The plating and presentation deserves a special mention. Very nicely done!
So there you go, my most elaborate blog ever. There is something for everyone at this place. Don’t miss it!!

A meal for two can come up to 1200+. Worth every penny!! 

Happy hogging my lovelies.. 


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