Taste of dark – Inspirational.

Losing eyesight, that’s one fear I bet everyone has. I do, infact it’s one of my biggest fears. I always wondered what if it happens to me. It’s one thing to not be able to see the beauty of life but to survive in today’s fast world without eyesight, well we can only wonder.. and thank God for that.

It’s a different thing to wonder out loud but to experience it first hand, now that’s something.
Dialogue in the dark is a part of ACE experiences. ACE’s business mission is to educate people on socially relevant themes using the medium of experiential entertainment.
They use entertainment as a medium for brining about a social change. Their mission is to bring one-of-a-kind entertaining and transformational experiences to India. To offer experiences that enable people to appreciate diversity, empathise with others, and develop individual social responsibility. And to develop employment opportunities for the differently abled.
This idea was originally conceptualised in Germany and it was introduced in India by Mr. Krishnan and Mrs. Sudha Krishnan. They opened first in Hyderabad, then went on to start it in Bangalore, Raipur and finally in Chennai.

My experience: We (5 of us) were informed to leave our bags, specs, phones, watches and almost everything in lockers. We were informed that we will be guided once inside by staff who are all visually impaired. 

We walked in a line, hands on shoulders and the first one guided by a member of the crew. A Mr. Vel Murugan, was our guide, he was our eyes. Once inside, the darkness engulfed us. It was pitch dark. I experienced a few minutes of panic. We were guided to our seats by our Guide. Now our roles were reversed. Once seated I felt a little calm thanks to the funny convos at the table.

The sound of flute playing was very soothing and with the sense of sight gone, my other senses were heightened.

Mr. Vel made sure we were comfortable before moving on to the activity. We began with a small game. We were all handed different letters and as a group we were asked to form a word within five minutes. It took us three minutes to guess and discuss the letter we had. The next two minutes were wasted on guessing the word. A clue from our guide helped us guess it. 

Next we were asked our food preferences. With in few minutes our food arrived one by one. Now comes the toughest part which is normally a piece of cake for us.

Eating – in darkness.

We were all given casseroles​. We were asked to open it, eat and place it back in the same order once done. I fumbled in darkness with the food. Eating with cutlery was tough so I had to put them aside and continue eating with hands. The food we were served was one of the most delicious food I’ve had ever. 

It was the regular tandoori chicken, pulao, chicken gravy and roti. Perfectly spiced and cooked to perfection, nothing to complain.
Dialogue in the dark was a very emotional experience for me. I was guided and served and helped in every which way yet I found it very hard to do even mundane activities. I can only imagine how tough it must be to survive without sight.

I couldn’t stop myself from silently weeping and thanking my Creator for all the blessings that we generally overlook.

Now I invite you to experience it first hand. Dialogue in the dark is located in Express Avenue Mall. And is open on all days from 11 am-10 pm.

The first thing I did after I got out was – pledge my eyes, hoping my donation will help make change in someone’s life. 

You can learn more about it here.

Experience it. Get inspired.

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