Soul Garden Bistro.

It’s quite weird that since I started blogging I have been frequenting vegetarian spots more than the regular ones pleasing a carnivore me and no, I’m not complaining..

Soul Garden Bistro is another addition to the number of awesome vegetarian restaurants opening up in CHENNAI.

Located on Bawa road in Alwarpet the place is easily spotable. The 50 seater had both out door and indoor seating. Done in up white, grey with a touch of turquoise and orange, the place has a casual charm about it. 

Soul garden also houses – “196 degree below!” Now that’s a very peculiar name! It is names so because liquid nitrogen is used to create the desserts. I won’t go into the thoery of how that works. They have a cool lab setting, where the chemist/chef’s create beautiful desserts and drinks. Served in beakers and volumetric flasks, it’s eyegasmic and a treat for photographers.

196 degree below

Ice creams can be customized, with over 30 flavours of ice cream and 20 odd toppings and sauces to choose from, you are in for a treat!
Variety of refreshing green teas to cutting chai, salads to cheese oozing pizza, pasta, sandwich, burger, bisi bele bath, biryani, Ice creams, The menu has something for everyone.. 

During my numerous visits, with different sets of friends, I got to cross off a whole lot of items off the menu. What I tried and loved:

mojito – Starwberry infused lemoney drink. Crisp, refreshing and plain awesome.

Strawberry Mojito

Cutting Chai: Available in masala, ginger and cardamom infused flavours, we tried them all and Cardamom won.


Falafel : Served crisp, topped with a hint of tahini along with hummus, this one is my favorite. Price : 110.


Buffalo Mozzarella : If you are the kind of person who love cheese, this is the one for you. Thin crusted, oozing with rich delicious cheese and topped with grilled tomatoes, this spells Bliss!! Price : 350.

Veg Exotic with Peri Peri Mayo : Topped with onions, olives, capsicum, cheese and a whole lot of Peri Peri Mayo, this one is a treat for Peri Peri lovers. Not for me though. Price : 350. 

Biryani : This one needs no description. It is Dum cooked and is served with raita and pickle. Price : 240. 


hazel – we ordered this one with caramel sauce and Oreo sand! That says it all. It was delicious.

Black chocolate – The richest and darkest form of Chocolate ice cream I’ve ever tried. We topped this with nuts and Chocolate fudge and Nutella! Plain blissful!

Plain chocolate and chilli chocolate topped with chocolate sauce and waffles stick was enjoyed by a friend.

Nitrogen popcorn – We expected it to be like dragons breath but it was just cold popcorn with smoke coming out of it. (I’d give this one a miss)

Priced between 150-250 rupees, it’s quite reasonable given the whole experience and quality!

Don’t miss this one!!
Happy hogging!!

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