Golden Bliss – Cafe Glitterati.

Express avenue had everything I need to while my day away.. Once inside i can get lost for the whole day doing 3 things i love to do.. Watch a movie, visit the food joints and my favorite bookshop on the 2nd floor..

When it comes to taking a break in between all the shopping, there are only 3 cafes in the whole mall.. Star bucks and coffee day are clearly not my favourites.. And coming to kripe kreme, I love the roasted almond donuts and the green apple soda but just as i was beginning to get tired of them, this glamorous lil place opens up right opposite the MAC showroom. The place was previously occupied by a sad looking barista..

Cafe Glitterati, Just as the name suggests, the place adds a glitter to the mall.. Done up in shimmering gold and blood red upholstery​, the place looks ravishing.. Plush little sofas and high bar stools adds a fine touch to the deco..The dessert chiller is filled with desserts and savory looks interesting..

Cafe Glitterati is a part of the E-Hotel, which caters to the Vegetarian crowd. However, the menu at the cafe includes a few dishes that has egg in them. Me likey!!

Coming to the food, what I tried and loved, a brief:
Drinks : Strawberry milkshake and Hazelnut frappe. The strawberry shake was frothy and  flavoursome​. The Hazelnut frappe was equally delicious and an instant refresher.


Pasta : Tried both the red sauce and white sauce ones. I personally enjoyed the red sauce pasta. Cooked to perfection. The sauce was thick and tasted just fine! 

Red Sauce Pasta

Quesadillas: This was my personal favorite. Made with corn tortillas, it has the right amount of cheese and stuffings to make me go mmmmm.. The stuffing contained kidney beans and a mix of veggies. Yum!!


Dessert: We tried Belgian Chocolate Truffle cake, salted white caramel cake, waffles and blue berry muffin..
The Belgian chocolate truffles stole the show. Soft, rich, dark and sinfully delicious. I licked the plate clean. It was that good. 

Belgian Chocolate Truffle & Salted​ Caramel

The salted caramel was very light, fluffy and perfectly flavored.
The Waffle was served along with maple syrup, chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The waffle was fresh and along with syrups and sauces it was good!


The blue berry muffin was served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. Fresh and just plain comforting.

Blue Berry Muffin

During my other visits, I tried hot chocolate, a chocolate chip cookie, a chocolate chip muffin and a dark chocolate filled croissant. 

Croissant & Muffin.

The muffin was moist, dark and oh so delicious. The croissant was fresh, topped and filled with oozing dark chocolate. The hot chocolate and cookie were on the point and droolicious!!

A proper meal three course for two can come up to 600+, which is quiet reasonable.. 

Best part – free wifi!! Teehee! My new fav hangout spot at the mall..

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