Kutta, Coorg – On The Go.

If the steamy weather in Chennai is something you want to avoid on the upcoming weekend, a trip to Coorg should definitely be on your to-do-list. The winding road and pleasant weather will make your trip a memorable one. We zeroed in on kutta, a small town located near Madikeri in the state of Karnataka and close to the Kerala border.

Getting to coorg is quiet easy:

Approximate Distance – 600.

kilometresEstimated Driving Time – 11.40 hours.

Pit Stop : khaja hotel in Vaniyambadi. We stopped over for breakfast and dug into some lipsmackingly delicious Mutton kheema, paya, idiyappam and rotis. *Yummmm* My kinda start of a perfect trip..

We started from Chennai at 5am and made a few pitstops still we reached our destination by 4:30 pm. The roads run smooth till Mysore. Post which the roads got pretty bad and worse as we drove into the forest. We drove through the Nagarhole Tiger Reserve to get to kutta. 

Traversing the myriad shades of green that get denser with every passing hour, I saw how bewitchingly beautiful Karnataka can get.

Kutta, a border town in Coorg valley, is abound with natural beauty and is ideal for those looking to escape the humdrum of everyday city life.

Set amongst charming gardens, we couldn’t help but marvel at the spectacular sunsets and gorgeous panoramic views across the valley and breathe in the refreshing air.

An epitome of old-world charm and hospitality, kutta enchanted us with the simple pleasures of life. So for a while, we left our worries behind and got lost in the postcard-perfect beauty. The pleasant climate makes this an ideal holiday destination. However, The ideal time to hit Coorg would be between September and March when the weather is most agreeable.

Kutta is known for its peaceful atmosphere and a large number of homestays and resorts are located here.

We checked into Stay Simply Bison Manor. It is a boutique country Jungle Retreat located in Kutta. 

Stay Simple Bison Manor

The 9 room property set in midst of the forest over looking the coffee estate and mountains is perfect. 

Deluxe room

The rooms are spacious, the bathrooms well kept. Bicycles are rented out at rupees 50/hour and are the best way to get around. The food served here is very simple, homely and delicious.


Budget : 3750/night for a deluxe room(including breakfast and dinner).

Once settled, you either can bring out the adventurer in you by doing a little trekking on the rocky mountains, or can simply cycle around the beautiful coffee and pepper estates. The best idea would be a drive into the forest to get up close and personal with the wild life. And that’s what we did.

Nagarhole Tiger Reserve

If you, like me are an avid coffee drinker, then you are in the right place. Coorg is one of the best places for coffee lovers and is renowned for its lush green coffee plantations. Plantation Tours are a great way to learn about the history and art of your favourite drink, as you sip on some freshly brewed coffee.

Seed to bean

It takes 00.5 seconds to say the words “Seed-to-Cup”, but do most people ever really wonder how long that journey actually is? It takes years. It is a very long journey from seed to cup, yet every step of the way adds value to your coffee.

PC: Google.

Pepper is grown along with the coffee.Coorg Pepper is simply considered the world’s best and since ancient times, traders have landed on the neighbouring Malabar Coast of Kerala to pick up loads of this black treasure. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Arabs and Chinese then carried it to different parts of the world.

Pepper creepers

The pepper vines are allowed to climb around the towering shade trees, creating ‘green pillars’ that look like they support the sky.

Oranges, grapes, honey and Chocolates are a few things one can look forward to buying when in Coorg.

Iruppu Falls is one of the biggest waterfalls in Coorg and makes for great picnic spots, set amidst picturesque settings. It is about 14 kms from kutta. We had to bail out on this one as the fall and local temples under it were thronged by pilgrims on accounts of Shivratri.


While the days were spent exploring the forest and it’s beauty, the nights were my favorite. Gathering around for a game of Nepolean. Sitting on the porch under a blanket of clear and star-studded sky until it got too cold to be outdoors, then retire to the warm indoor comforts.

Coorg – an Enchanting utopia, just a drive away.

Until next time, cheers!!

For collaboration and queries, contact me at ping@sammienatorr.com 

A word to the wise : For a city bred person like me, the place gets a bit eerie by night fall, there is something very dark about it. Best to avoid if travelling alone. I wouldn’t stay in the place if i was on a solo trip. Nope.


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