Brunch Ommnomnom..

You know your day is made when you hear those three words ” let’s have Brunch!!”

Brunch, It’s my favourite meal hands down. Sunday + brunch spells perfection! I find that things get sorted out over brunch. Problems are solved, differences are sorted, Zen is achieved  and the world is put to rights.(At least for me)

Brunch is made even better when you can share it with a bestie, and that is exactly what I did last Sunday, at Paprika, Courtyard Marriott, Chennai.

Done up in tones of beige and white, the place has a simple and beautiful decor.
The brunch menu had been revamped and how?

To begin with, you get a wide range of live starions to choose from and that’s apart from the regular buffet, bar, salad and dessert counters..

Drinks : The open bar stands beautiful right in the middle offering a wide range of cocktails and mocktails.

We were served Red wine, White wine, cranberry vodka, lime vodka, Toddy, watermelon mojito and mango shots!

Live grill : The sight of meat marinating in sauces and spices is enough to make anyone hungry. We tried Beef fry. Fried in pepper-y spices, the meat was fresh, juicy and just heavenly. Paneer tikka was well marinated, soft and as good as it gets.

Pasta station :

From the Pasta station we tried White sauce pasta and red sauce pasta. Creamy, saucy and delicious..

station :

From the Asian Station we tried a few varieties of sushi, and stir fried curries and vegetables. Nothing to complain here.


What we tried: Dahi Papdi, Pani Puri and Bhel Puri.*crunch* & Bliss !

Dosa Station : Offers dosa with a variety of toppings to choose from. Paneer, cheese, chicken, Mutton, to name a few.. I stuck to eggs. Nothing beats egg dosa!

Sandwich Station.
Waffle & Pancake Station

Apart from these, one can also choose from the regular buffet section which offers soups, veg and non veg curries and a number of rice dishes.

From the regular buffet counter, I tried the Biryani, egg curry, fresh from the oven rotis and pulao. The meat in the Biryani was cooked to perfection, the rice perfectly spiced. The curries were delicious and went really well along with the Indian breads and pulao.

: The picture says it all.

My favorites were the tiramisu, Apple crumble and all the chocolate ones.

The kids counter offers Mac & cheese, muffins, fries, chocolate dipped Oreos  and a whole of yummies that can tempt a fully grown person and it sure did. We tried a few items from the counter and the kid in us was satisfied for sure!

The live music is bound to put you in a relaxed mood.

Service ran smooth, the crew was very helpful and were well versed with the menu.

Priced at 1499+ tax, the brunch by Paprika is luxury at a reasonable cost.

The music, food, company sure put me in a great mood. My Sunday was sorted out! Plan yours!

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