Zaika-e-Hyderabad, a feast fit for Kings.

Aadaab arz hey.. From the land of Pearls, Biryani, bangles and charminar..

Zaika-e-Hyderabad translates to “taste of Hyderabad. It is a sincere attempt by the Westin Group to revisit and rediscover the  heritage Nizami cuisine. The  Hyderabadi special menu for “Seasonal Tastes” at The Westin Chennai showcase little known traditional delicacies as well as traditional recreations of several modern-day favourites.

This festival at Westin CHENNAI promises to offer patrons a taste of the best that this distinctive cuisine has to offer. The festival is being helmed by Master Chef Bala who hails from Hyderabad and specializes in the Nizami cuisine.
Intricately designed bronze mesh, beautifully frames the entrance of the Seasonal Tastes. The restaurant with its double high ceiling and beautifully lit pillars looks Grand.

A miniature Charminar is placed beautifully just by the lobby. At one corner stands the irani chai thela filled to brim with maska buns and tea kettles.

Irani Chai Stall

While at the other sits a bangle shop complete with a cot, chunnis and the whole deal.

Hyderabadi Bangle shop

Attired in traditional pathani suits and surmas, the waiters look right out of a Urdu movie and the hostess hops about greeting everybody garbed in a lovely green Anarkali suit and beautiful smile.

The Urdu/Sufi songs floats in, bringing back fond memories and adding a nawabi touch to the whole dining affair.
The Hyderabadi cuisine draws its flavour from two rich legacies – the Deccani cuisine of Nizams with its delectable biryanis (rice flavoured with meat and vegetables), haleem (pounded wheat and mutton dish) and kebabs, and the spicy Andhra style of food, laced with mustard, garlic and chillies and eaten with doles of chutney and pickle.

We began our meal with Khus Sharbat. Made from dried Khus grass, the green colored summer drink had a lovely woody aroma. Refreshing!

Khus Sharbath

Gosht ka Marag : Marag is a hyderabadi(inspired from Arabic) mutton stew. Thin yet juicy and rich in flavours, it’s delicious. Usually served with naan or sevaiya for breakfast, it is also served as soup.

Gosht ka marag

Dhakini Paneer tikka : Mildly spiced and cooked to perfection,  paneer tikka was served along with mint chutney. Soft, Fresh and delicious. It left us wanting for more.

Dhakini Paneer Tikka & Kabuli Channe ki tikki

Kabuli Channe Ki Tikki : An Indian version of falafel. Made with chick pea, deep fried to perfection, soft on the inside and crispy on the out. Yum!

Chapala vepudu: Andhra fish fry, made with fresh fish and regional spices. Roasted and served along with curry leaves.

Pathar-Ka-Gosht :
A Classic Hyderabadi Dish. Pathar in Urdu means- ” Stone” and Gosht  in Urdu means- “Meat”and it is cooked in a slab of granite, Hence the name!

Phathar ke Gosht

Marinated overnight, it is seared on a hot Granite stone over charcoal, and traditionally garnished with Onion rings and Lemon wedges!! These kababs literally melts in your mouth leaving he behind a delicious after taste.
Gosht shammi kabab : Made with lentils, minced meat and spice. Originally from Pakistan, the dish made its way into Hyderabad during the moghul era. Crispy and delicious!

Gosht Shammi Kababs

Main course:
Ambada Gosht : Sour taste of sorrel leaves when combines with subtle taste of meat, gives us an aromatic and flavoursome – Ambada Gosht. It goes well with ghee rice. Scrumptious.

Ambada Gosht

Dum ka Murgh :  A rich, aromatic and flavourful dish; chicken cooked in its own juices combined with lot of spices, almonds and cream in slow cooking method. Along with Tandoori roti, it was brilliant!

Dum ka Murgh

Mehalati Ke Prawns : Tiger prawns is cooked in a spicy onion paste infused with aromatic spices to create a thick gravy. Goes well with rice and bread alike.

Mehalati ke Prawns

Kacche-Gosht-Biryani : This Biryani is made with partially cooked rice being layered on top of marinated meat which is ‘raw’ and is then ‘dum cooked’ till the meat and rice come out perfectly cooked!

A classic kachche gosht ki biryani requires genuine patience and untold love. The meat was succulent and the rice soaked in the masalas, divine.

Coming to the sweet part of the meal, the Dessert!!

Khubani Ka Meetha : A South Indian delicacy made with apricots, it is just sensational. I cant get enough of it.

Khubani ka meetha

Shahi Firni : Made with milk, rose water, cardamom and rice, this Muslim delicacy is served in weddings and get togethers. Garnished with roasted & chopped pista nuts, it’s served chilled. The Rose water and cardamom dominate this delightfully grainy custard.

Shahi Firnee

A meal for two may come upto 3800+ Tax.

Given the ambience, service, food, music and the whole package, it’s worth every bit.

Everything on the menu was perfectly spiced, perfectly cooked and presented beautifully. A feast for Kings. Don’t miss it! The feast is only till the 11th of February, 2017.

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