A walk to remember – OMR Food Street!

Food generally serves as a natural gateway to a more profound understanding of culture and history, people and place. Street food draws us naturally to explore, to press further afield than we otherwise might, allowing us to make greater personal discoveries not only about the flavor of local foods, but also the essence of the cultures they represent.

In a relatively short period of time, the street food initiative has expanded right across the city. From a handful of food kiosks, Chennai now boasts of 4 different food streets!

Each of these food Streets offers over 44 different restaurants and over 30 different cuisines to choose from.

Located in OMR, which is stretched over 20-30 kms. The one i visited is placed in Navallur, bang next to AGS cinemas.

If you’re out and about taking in the sights and sounds of the food Street, here’s everything you need to know about street eats. Places i tried and recommend:
Golconda :

Specializing in Andhra cuisine, The place offers some lipsmackingly delicious Biryanis and kebabs. Tried the mutton biryani, chicken tikka and prawn fry from here. The Mutton in the Biryani was cooked to perfection and the kababs are perfectly spiced n succulent. Worth a try!

A meal for two : 450+ tax.

Timing : 12pm to 11pm.


Malabar Camboose :

Just as the name suggests, the place offers delicacies from Kerala. We tried the chilli beef and thalasery chicken biryani from this place. The chilli beef was on the point. The Biryani was quite nice. A portion of chilli beef and Biryani could be easily share between two people.

A meal for two: 250-300+ tax.
Timing : 12pm to 11 pm.


Petuk Express:

Petuk specializes in Bengali food. Here we decided to go with fish cutlets and aloo bhaja. The fish cutlets were Crispy and fresh but lacked that oommph. The aloo bhaja was spiced to perfection and was delicious.

A meal for two :  350 + tax.

Timing: 12pm to 11pm.


Grab D Thattu:

When you say Street food! First thing that comes to your mind is something crunch, something spicy. This place Specializes in South Indian snacks like murukku sandwich and paniaram. Head here if you are craving something crunchy and Yum.

A meal of two : 250+ Tax.
Timing : 4pm to 11pm.


Udta Punjab :

As the name suggests, the place specializes in Punjabi cuisine. We tried the chole bhature, Malai kabab, chicken curry and butter naan! The chole were flavoursome, the bhatura was fresh, soft and yumm! The Malai kababs were delicious. A must try if you love Punjabi cuisine as much as I do!!

A meal for two : 350+tax
Timing : 12pm to 11pm.


Ceylon Tidbits:

My favorite amongst all the outlets in omr food Street. They Specialize in yummies tidbits from Ceylon! We tried the chicken cutlets, ceylone egg parottas. The chicken cutlets were to die for. The egg parottas were delicious too. They were so good that i packed some for late night snacking at home.

A meal for two :  200+Tax. TOTAL paisa vasool!!
Timing: 5pm to 10pm.


Zia Malaysia Parotta City :

True to its name the place serves Malaysian cuisine. I love Malay food and when I spotted this one in the food Street, I just had to to the murtabaks! We ordered a plate of mee goreng, mutton murtabak, strawberry stuffed parotta and Chocolate stuffed parottas. The mee goreng was delicious. The murtabak, Stuffed with minced mutton and topped with fried eggs, was brilliant!

A meal for two : 300+ Tax bucks.
Timing : 12pm to 11pm


 Hungry folks: 

They specialize in Thai food. Done up in a simply manner, the 12 seater has a beautiful and colorful wall art. We tried chicken momos and red Thai curry momo. Fresh and delicious.

Meal for two : 350+ tax.
 Timing : 12pm – 10 pm.

Find this restaurant on Hungry Folks - OMR Food Street, Navallur Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato



Scarlet’s Specializes in fast food and we tried only one item from their short and sweet menu. The big boss. Double Lamb patties, caramalized onions and cheese layered beautifully and seasoned with BBQ sauce, Yum! It comes with a small portion of salad and fried.

A meal for two:  279 + Tax.
Timing : 11am to 11pm.


The Arab Street :

How can a food walk be complete minus a good shawarma. Serving delicious grilled chicken and shawarmas, the Arab station lives up to its name!

A meal of two : 200+
Timing : 4:30pm to 11:00pm.


Mexicana Food :

I’m not a big fan of Mexican cuisine. During the last food walk, my Foodie friends ordered a few tacos from this place. They ordered a chicken, veg and fish taco which was served beautifully. I just just a bit of everything, still not a big fan but friends seemed to live it. Go for it if like the cuisine!

A meal for two :400+ Tax.

Timing : 12pm to 11pm.


Meat & Eat :

Known for fried chicken, we tried a bucket of fiery chicken. True to its name, it was fiery, crunch and quite nice.

A meal for two : 250+ tax.
Timing : 12pm to 10pm.


Jigarthanda :

Don’t drink? But love the whole clubbing experience? This is the place for you! Done up in pure white, with LED lighting and huge speakers blaring out foot tapping music! This one is simply dhing chaakk! A bar tender mixes lip smackingly delicious rose Milks and jigarthandas on long stemmed glasses. Beautiful. Chennai needed this. A few more branches in the city would be wonderful!A must try!! Priced between 70-130 per drink, it’s absolutely brilliant.

Timing : 5pm to 11pm.


Coco island :

This one specializes in treats made from tender coconuts, thus the title! The chilled tender Coconut water served here is plain delightful. The tender Coconut flavoured ice creams and puddings are quite refreshing. Everything on the menu is priced between 40-80 bucks. Worth your money.

Timing : 12pm to 10pm.


Who is not familiar with ajnabi and their delicious products? Ajnabi was the only place serving chat n the likes. We ordered a couple of plates of bread pakoda, cheese bread pakoda and a bit plate of Jalebis!! The bread pakoda lived up to the expectations and the Jalebis were Bliss!! The bill came up to 300 odd bucks. Perfect place to hit when the cravings for something chatpata hits you!

Timing : 11am to 11pm.

Blondie & Brownie by Baker’s Lane:

The name says it all. This was one place we all enjoyed thoroughly. They have a number of items to choose from. We tried fudge brownie, Nutella Brownie, Choco chip Brownie, truffle Brownie, Blondie, cheesecake Brownie, Oreo Brownie and red velvet Brownie. My personal favorites were the fudge, Choco Chip and Nutella Brownies. Priced between 45-70 bucks a piece, they are quite reasonable.

Timing: 11am to 11pm.


And something for back home!

From bread pakoda to chilli beef, from murukku sandwich to Biryani.. Jalebis to brownies, jigarthanda,taco, tender coconut pudding.. The list can go on and on. Drop in and grab some local love!!
Happy Hogging!!

For collaboration and queries, contact me at ping@sammienatorr.com 

A word to the wise :  Best time to visit the place is between 5pm-10pm, as the sun is down, it’s cool and breezy. Perfect setting for a perfect meal.


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