Namma Ooru Saapaad at 601, The Park.

Namma Ooru Saapaad, roughly translates to “The food of our natives” 

601 at The Park, Chennai is currently showcasing some traditional and forgotten delicacies from small towns across Tamil Nadu. Being a lover of the cuisine, I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.

The special menu, passionately curated by the MasterChefs of 601, aims to bring back a few dishes that have been long forgotten in the land where they were originally created. 

The chef, hailing from Madurai and a specialist in Chettinadu cuisine had  planned a special menu for us and we were in for a treat!!

Starting with a few mocktails, we ordered a Bangkok Rose Lemonade and a Pattaya Iced Tea! Lemonade was sweet and strongly flavored. The ice tea with a hint of ginger, lemon and saffron was sweet and very refreshing.

For starters we were served:
Karandi Omelette with Kozhi Chukka – (Ladle Omelette with masala fried Chicken):  Karandi means a deep ladle. Omelette is made on a ladle and stuffed with chunks of chicken cooked in masala. It was delicious. The chicken was masaledaar and the egg frothy! Yumm!! 

Karandi Omelette with Kozhi Chukka

Kola Urundai – (Deep Fried Meatballs): Made with Mutton, lentils, South Indian spices, this one is my favorite. All the ingredients are minced to finess and rolled in small balls and deep fried. Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, it was cooked to perfection. Lovely!

Kola Urundai

For mail course, we were served: 
Nattu Kozhi Salna, Veechu parotta and Egg Kalaki : Nattu Kozhi, country chicken or broiler chicken is used to made a thick gravy along with freshly grounded spices and topped with mint & coriander. It is served with Veechu parotta(thin n crispy Indian bread) and egg kalaki.

Nattu Kozhi Salna with Veechu parotta

Kalaki is soft scrambled eggs made with a lil bit of masala in them.


The Salna was perfectly spiced, delicious to bits and went really great with the parotta. The kalaki was perfect. 
 Pickles : No South Indian meal is complete with out a touch of pickle. We were served raw mango pickle and prawn pickles. The pickles was fresh, aromatic and they tasted as good as they smelled. Bliss!!

Prawn pickle & Mango Pickle.

My friends tried:
Dubera Idly with Boti Kolumbu – Steamed idlis served along with Gravy: The gravy is cooked with goat’s intestines. The Idlis were hot, soft and fresh. The gravy was perfection. 

Dubera Idly with Boti Kolumbu

Paalkatti Chettinadu, Podi Kal Dosai – Cottage Cheese cooked in Karaikudi styled curry and served with dosai. The gravy was spicy, Dosai topped with Podi. Podi is a coarse powder mixture of ground dry spices that typically contains dried chilis, urad, chickpea, and sesame seeds. 

Paalkatti Chettinadu, Podi Kal Dosai

Coming to desserts we were served a tumble full of chilled Elaneer Payasam. Made with pure Coconut milk, condensed milk and tender coconut. Rich, delicious and plain heavenly!

Elaneer Payasam

The presentation deserves a special mention. Food was served on wooden sauces, clay pots and dried tobacco leaves.

The aroma that’s added to the food when packed in tobacco leaves brings back old memories of picnics and outings. Truly divine.
Drop into 601 for a mouthful of nostalgia. For a journey back into the forgotten tastes of Namma orru sapaad.

The food fest is here only to the 10th of Feb. Don’t miss it.

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