Quick Chop! 

When I moved into my new home after college, the only dish I could cook was instant noodles, but with plenty of time on my hand, I started following cookery shows and slowly developed a genuine interest in cooking. 

My culinary journey started with pastas and pizzas, and gradually graduated to more complex dishes with ingredients other than just cheese. 

Today, 10 years later, I still love to cook but being a single working mother of twin girls I hardly get any time to cook extravagant dishes, what with all the chopping and blending. This coupled with the paucity of time these days has considerably reduced my cooking time. 

Last month, while surfing the web I came across a new product-chopper-a new product to cater to the needs of a new generation. Although, there are many local manual vegetable cutters and choppers available priced as low as a couple of hundred bucks, but the quality still remains a doubt. 

Most branded choppers (Bajaj, Inalsa, Morphy Richards) are price between Rs. 1-2K. After a thorough survey, I decided to go for the Preethi Turbo Chop.
My experiments with Preethi’s Turbo Chopper: Priced at approximately Rs 2000, this product offered the highest motor power among all and also had a 1 year warranty with life-long free service. It is a small and compact piece of equipment-sans any fancy buttons or knobs-only a small transparent container with measuring levels marked on the side, a 450W motor(the highest in the market) and a blade.

Although, the salesman claimed that it was the best vegetable chopper and could perform all mixer-grinder functions, I was still apprehensive if it would actually be able to provide the same level of finesse. 
The first item I tried was cabbage, cut it into five pieces and dropped them into the container. With just one touch, they were chopped into fine shreds. Subsequently, I tried tomatoes and onions (Best part: No more tears!!).
A couple of slight pushes were sufficient for the chopping. And with that all my apprehensions were cast away.

The chopper can also chop hard vegetables, like carrots and beetroots with the same finesse and ease. Make sure that you do not keep the motor pressed hard for a long time. It will turn your vegetables mushy. But, this can be helpful if you want to blend yourself a smoothie or a shake. 
Over the last month, I have tried this chopper for grinding nuts, mincing meat, and making tomato puree, raita, and green chutney, apart from the regular vegetable chopping. It has been working perfectly and has now become the most indispensable part of my kitchen. A job that used to take an hour earlier now takes a few seconds.

Cleaning the Turbo Chop: Cleaning the Turbo Chop is also a pretty easy task. Just remove the blade to clean the container. Just a note of precaution, the blades are made of sharp stainless steel, so handle it with care.

It is indeed a small wonder that saves me a lot of time, but most importantly it can fit into even the smallest space of my kitchen cupboards.

Details of Preethi Turbo Chop can be viewed by clicking on the link here:http://preethi.in/product/22/turbo-chop
The demo video on the same can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LkBlp8ClK1w

For collaboration and queries, contact me at ping@sammienatorr.com 


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