Lotus – A Thai Treat..

13 years ago Chennai was introduced to authentic Thai cuisine in the form of Lotus, a Thai restaurant at The Park. Located in Mg road, The park is a landmark by itself.

Done up in tones of blue and Grey with a tinge of gold, the place looks elegant to the core. The restaurant draws inspiration from the rare blue Lotus, also regarded as the most valuable lily in the world. Brass lotus candle holder on the tables add a nice touch. The most interesting factor when it comes to the interiors are the wall hangings.

An entire portion of one of the wall is covered with circular screens. The screens are made of organza silk with Hand embroidery. They are softly layered creating a multi dimensional effect. The intricate embroidery work on the silk screens is a virtual treat to the diners. Colorful, exquisite and so soothing.

Coming to the main part, The Food. We were four of us so got to try a number of dishes. What we tried and loved, a brief:
⚫Appletini – A cocktail made with vodka and apple cider. Friend ordered this and she loved it.

⚫Mixed Berry Chiller – A refreshing sweet and tangy drink with a hint of lime, hmmm, served just the way I like it.

⚫Poh Pai Ped – Spring roll stuffed with duck meat and vegetables. The duck meat was soft and the vegetable, crisp. The roll was crispy on the out and crunch moist on the inside. A must try.

⚫Ghae Phad Namjim Waan – Chunks of lamb fried to crisp and topped with sweet chilli glaze. It was crispy and spiced to perfection. Me likey.

⚫Satay Gai – Not your regular Chicken satay. It has a bit of spicy tinge to it, yumm.

⚫Kanom Jeeb He – I’m not a fan of dim sum but my friend who ordered these seemed to love them. So if you love them, go for it.
⚫Gaeng Massaman He – A tradional southern Thai style curry made with coconut milk, peanuts and potatoes. It was spiced and cooked to perfection. Went well with white rice and fried rice alike.

⚫Ghae Phad Num Mun Hoy – Chunks of Lamb stirred fried in a oyster and chilli sauce. The lamb was soft and the sauces, droolicious. My personal favorite and a must try.
⚫Tao Hoo Nam Prik Pao – Shallow fried tofu topped with bell pepper, basil and roasted chilli paste. The tofu was cooked to perfection. We loved the sauce. It was spicy and went well with the noodles.

⚫Stir fried chicken in chopped garlic and red chilli paste. It was plain heavenly. (I don’t recall the name of the dish though)

⚫Pia Harmed Prik Thai – Steamed fish cooked in chilli garlic and basil sauce. The flavours were fresh and the fish was soft but I couldn’t enjoy it much as I’m not a fan of basil sauce.

⚫ Khao Phad Gai – Chicken fried rice cooked along with eggs. Though simple, I loved it.

⚫ Bhamee Phad Gai – Yellow noodles topped with chicken and egg. Perfection.

⚫Egg Fried Rice – This needs no explanation.
⚫Sesame flavored ice cream – I live sesame seeds and when i saw this on the menu I just had to try it. It lived up to my expectation. It has that warm and grounded taste of sesame seed. It was brilliant.

⚫Chocolate and Lemongrass terrine – Rich in flavor and texture, another lovely creation.

We immensely enjoy our meal.
Service ran impeccably smooth. The crew were well versed with the menu and were very helpful during our entire meal. The meal did take a little time to show up on the table but the place was jam packed with diners so can’t complain.

A meal for two can sum up 2500+ tax which is quite reasonably considering the whole experience. I’m definitely heading back soon for the lamb in oyster sauce and the sesame ice cream.

Lotus – blossoms beautifully..

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