Beyond Indus.

Beyond Indus – true to to its name, represent cuisines that lay beyond the Indus region. The menu is filled will delicacies from the North-West.

Beyond Indus is one of the restaurants in Taj Club House. Located in Woods road, Royapettah, it’s easy to spot. 

Done up in tones of bronze, silver, gold, burgundy, the place is dim light and perfect for romantic dates. The red chandelier stands out beautifully and the silk damask on the wall, rich. The place can seat up to 46 people. 

The limitations in seating works to the diner’s advantage as the staff are very attentive and helpful. The chef himself did at least 3 rounds checking on all the guests by self. Now that’s just great. Brownie points for the chef. 

We were two of us. My friend was “vegetarian” that day and I can’t do without my meat. The chef helped us choose a number of dishes and we decided to play along.

What we tried and loved, a brief.

As soon as we were seated, we were served a platter of dips, salsa and chutneys along with crashers and masala papads. The yogurt dip along the papad deserves a mention. It was like a preview for the great meal that was to follow.

Starters :Sarson Tulsi Machli Tikka : You must be familiar with that warm sensation that washes over your mouth long after the food is gone. Hmmm. Now that’s how it was. Marinated in spices and cooked over tandoor to perfection. It was perfect. I loved it.

Jhinga Anardana : Grilled prawns with a hint of pomegranate in them. Lovely.

Maathaniya Murgh : Marinated in yogurt and mathaniya spices, the chicken was brilliant. Mathaniya mirch gets its name from Mathaniya district in Jodhpur. The dish lives up to its name in every way. 

My vegetarian friend tried the Paneer tikka, Broccoli Shimla Mirch and Hara Bhara Kabab. 

I tried the Paneer Tikka and loved it. Soft Paneer, spiced to perfection and along with the green chutney, I loved it.
For main course :

We ordered Veg Pulao, Pudina Paratha and Naan. The Veg Pulao was delicious and the breads were fresh, soft and perfectly hot.

Also Tee Wadi da Bharta :  Being a hard core carnivore, I never thought I’d say this. But I loved this one amongst all the dishes served today. Bliss. A traditional Potatoes delicacy from Punjab. Potato mashed to glory and cooked in an array of spices. Scrumptious.
Paneer Lababdar : Fresh and soft Paneer braised and cooked in a thick and rich onion and tomato gravy. So rich and comforting, went well with the Pudina parathas. 

Bhuna Gosht : Mutton sautéed to perfection with roasted and grounded spices. It was excellent. The flavours were rich and the mutton so soft that it melted in my mouth. It tastes great with pulao and the breads.

Pakhtooni Murgh : Slow cooked in Kashmiri spices, the gravy was traditionally cooked and went great along with the paratha.
Desserts : 

Halwa & Kulfi : Straight out of Khaled Hosseini’s novels and on our table. I have only read about such delicacies. Who knows almond and figs can get along so well. The halwa was rich and flavoursome and oh so heavenly. Topped with chopped almonds, it was sheer bliss. 

Baked Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake : Philadelphia Cheese baked with cut up Gulab Jamuns on a thick crust. Topped with mint. It was rich and delicious. Delightful.
Beyond Indus – brilliant beyond words!


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