Selam!! That’s hello to you all in amharic, the language spoken in Ethiopia.

Ethiopian food is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world. Not only is the food extremely unique and extraordinarily flavorful, but the food culture that makes up Ethiopia is also something I found truly fascinating.
To begin with, Ethiopian food is eaten with friends and family. Even the way Ethiopian food is served, on a communal platter, is designed for sharing food with each other. Food is not meant to be eaten alone in the culture of Ethiopia. Food in Ethiopia is served on a platter known as a gebeta, a large circular, usually metal platter. Often you would find people feeding one another, this practise I learnt was called Gursha.  Now that’s a beautiful tradition..

We started our meal with Tej ( aka, honey wine) a preserved juice, made from fermented rice and honey, it was interesting..

Followed by Doro Shorba, a clear soup made with chicken, butterbean and mild spices.. It was flavoursome and very light.

We ordered a special Messob, a sharing plate, which is specially curated by Abyssinian, it consists of soup, salad, two varieties of:

Ayib – Fresh Ethiopia cheese.

Awaze – Berbere is the masala of Ethiopian cooking, it’s a mixture of different spices that forms the backbone of flavor for many dishes. Chili powder, fenugreek, ginger, garlic, cardamom, cinnamon, and whole bunch of other spices are combined to make berbere. It’s essential in cooking Ethiopian food. Awaze is the paste version of berbere.

Injera – a large sourdough flatbread, made out of fermentedteff flour.

Ethiopian cuisine characteristically consists of vegetable and often very spicy meat dishes served atop injera, usually in the form of

Wot(thick stew)

Shiro(stew cooked with powered lentils)

Tibs(stir fried veg/meat)

The special Messob also consists of :

Doro Wot : A thick stew prepared with whole chicken leg and boiled eggs, in a spicy berbere flavored onion stew. It’s considered the national dish of Ethiopia and are prepared at deserve occasions. It was plain awesome. 

Misir Beray Wot : Minced beef cooked along with red lentils in a thick gravy along with onions and richly flavored with berbere. My personal favorite.. It was simply scrumptious.

Doro Tibs : Diced chicken cubes tossed and stir fried with onions, oil, spices and finished with Niter Kibbeh (Ethiopian spices butter). Yumm! 

Doro Tibs Awaze Fir Fir : It’s the same as doro tibs but it’s tossed with shredded injera. It is usually eaten as breakfast.

Yebeg Alicha : Lamb stewed in Niter Kibbeh, turmeric and onion. Though mildly flavoured, it was brilliant when eaten with awaze.

Yebeg Bozena Shiro : Lamb cooked in a powdered chickpea stew along with chopped onions and seasoned with berbere.. Delectable.

Yeduba Wot : Cubes of pumpkin cooked with red onions, berbere and spices. Bliss.

Fosolia : Carrot and green bean salad caramalized with onions and green peppers. It was crispy and crunchy and delightful.

Next came the desserts along with Ethiopian coffee.

Kita : A flaky Ethiopian flat bread with honey. It delicious and plain addictive. I loved it.

Nech Azmund Cake : Soft olive oil cakes flavored with ajwain and glazed with honey. It was light. Along with coffee it was heavenly.

The coffee served along with a hint of salt and a few drops of Niter Kibbeh. Dark, rich and different.. Perfect end to a perfect meal..

The 16 seater is a charming. Furnished with upholstery imported from the historical region of Axum, the low chairs and stools are cute and more comfortable than they appear. The Cross on the wall, the traditional musical instruments, the other artifacts all blend beautifully together to create a very native atmosphere.

The service ran smooth and the crew, dressed in traditional Ethiopian garbs, impressed us with their knowledge about the food and history. 

Located in Venus colony, alwarpet. Abyssissian is placed on the same building that houses the fabulous Meena Tai’s and Batliwala & Khanabhoy. 

A meal for two can come up to 2000+ Tax. Quiet reasonably. Considering the fact that everything right from the ingredients to decor is imported from Ethiopia.

Abyssinian – worth a try!!

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