100 bucks is all you need!!

Currently with the ban on 500 and 1000 rupee notes. 100 rupee notes are ruling our wallets. With the limitations on withdrawals, it’s best to spend the money wisely. 

These are the places one can visit in order to fill their Tummy and satisfy their taste buds within a budget of 100 bucks.. Read on!!

kabab corner : Craving for something  Mughalai with one kadak sau ka note? No worries.. 

Hot from the tandoor Sheek kabab rolled in romali roti topped with mint chutney and crispy onions = Bliss. 

Price: ₹95 

Also must try : Chicken omelette (₹70 rupees), Paneer roll (₹90 rupees)

Location : Greams road, Chennai.

Bay leaf OTG: Chicken tikka, well Marinated and cooked to perfection and rolled in soft parathas topped with chutney, onions and omelette.. Sigh.

Price : ₹95.

Also must try : Egg roll (₹65), Paneer tikka roll (₹95), saundhe alu roll (₹75)

Location : Gopalapuram, Chennai.

Dine : Not your ideal place to look for Chaat but dine kills it. The Samosa frontier Chaat is plain killer. The bonus point it’s located in the mall!!!!!

Price : ₹90.

Also must try : keema Samosa(₹90).

Location : Express avenue mall, Royapetta.

Kozhi idly : Thick Chicken gravy cooked in freshly ground southern spices and served along with fluffy hot Idlis. It’s spicy, southern and very filling.

Price :  ₹90.

PC: spicytreats

Also must try : idly with podi and chutney (₹40), kozhi chukka(₹80).

Location : Gopalapuram, adyar  aminjikarai, k.k Nagar and triplicane.

Fusilli reasons : There is nothing more romantic than Italian food and when everything is priced within 100 bucks, it’s like cherry on the top. 

Creamy white sauce or tangy red or a healthy herbed one to choose from, It’s hard to choose just one.

Price : ₹90.

Also must try : Garlic bread, Beetroot mayo.

Location:  ormers road, kilpauk.

Sree Balaji sandwich stall : It’s been around since the early 90’s and standing firm. The Boiled egg cheese toast Grilled to perfection with oodles of cheese and curried onions and tomatoes is a lip smackingly delicious treat and my personal favorite.

Price:  ₹37  a piece. You can enjoy 2 of these along with a bottle of chilled cola!

Also must try : Bread omelette(₹17), channa Masala cheese toast(₹37), Double omelette toast(₹27).

Location : Monthieth road, Egmore.

Al najeeb nawab of kababs : The name says it all.. Mutton minced to finesse and Marinated in roasted spices and cooked over tandoor just melts in the mouth. Veal kababs and chicken kababs are equally brilliant! 

Price : ₹80 a piece.

Other must tries : Biryani (₹50-160), Veal kabab (₹80)

Location : Medavakkam tank road, kilpauk

Indiska magic : Bread pakoda at its best. Enough said. Try it out.

Price: ₹50.

Also must try: Papdi chat, Samosa chat.

Zaitoon : Talking about food under 100 bucks and how can shawarma be left out. Piping hot shawarmas from zaitoon that no one can say no to..

Price : ₹85.

Location : Kilpauk, Adyar, Royapetta, OMR, Anna Nagar.

Bombay Kulfi : Sweettooth has no cure. The more you feed it the more it wants. At Bombay Kulfi be spoilt for choices.. The roasted almonds Kulfi and the tender coconut ones are to die for. Must try!

Price : ₹55 per flavor.

Also must try : kesar pista(₹40) rangeela(₹70).

Location : Adyar, Anna Nagar East.

So there you go, it’s not that tough to survive on 100 bucks in Chennai..

Happy hogging!!


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